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UBSK 1102 Introduction to Counselling and Guidance (UFE)
UESB 1201 Research Methodology (UFC)
UESH 1201 Research Methodology (UFB)
UESM 1201 Research Methodology (UFA)
UESM 2102 Corporate Communication Management (UFA)
UBSK 1101 Introduction to Psychology (UFE)
UBSC 1101 Basic Child Development (UFD)
UBSC 1102 Philosophy on Early Childhood Education (UFD)
UBSC 1103 Early Childhood Language and Literacy (UFD)
UBSC 1104 Approaches and Strategy for Early Childhood Education I (UFD)
UBSC 2101 Approaches and Strategy for Early Childhood Education II (UFD)
UBSC 2102 ICT Use in Education of Children (UFD)
UBSC 2103 Music for Children (UFD)
UBSK 1103 Introduction to Human Development (UFE)
UBSK 1104 Introduction to Social Psychology (UFE)
UBSK 2103 Multicultural Counselling (UFE)
UBSK 2104 Testing and Evaluation in Counselling (UFE)
UBSK 2201 Counselling Technique II (UFE)
UESA 1102 Statistics (UFF)
UFG 1003 Crime Management (UFG)