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UESB 2201 Financial Management (UFC)
UESH 2101 Financial Management (UFB)
UBSK 2103 Multicultural Counselling (UFE)
UFH 2007 Academic Project II (UFH)
UESM 1104 Management Information System (UFA)
UESH 1104 Management Information System (UFB)
UESB 1102 Management Information System (UFC)
UBSC 1104 Approaches and Strategy for Early Childhood Education I (UFD)
UBSC 1105 Art for Children (UFD)
UBSC 1106 Basic Health and Safety for Early Childhood Education (UFD)
UBSC 2101 Approaches and Strategy for Early Childhood Education II (UFD)
UBSC 2104 Pre-Math and Pre-Science for Early Childhood (UFD)
UBSC 2105 Moral and Spritual Education for Early Childhood (UFD)
UBSC 2106 Teachers and Parents Partnership (UFD)
UBSC 2190 Professional Practice of Early Childhood Education (UFD)
UBSK 1104 Introduction to Social Psychology (UFE)
UBSK 1105 Counselling Theory (UFE)
UBSK 1201 Counselling Technique I (UFE)
UBSK 2104 Testing and Evaluation in Counselling (UFE)
UBSK 2201 Counselling Technique II (UFE)